Visconti Homo Sapiens Dark Crystal Fountain Pen

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The Homo Sapiens Dark Crystal collection is dedicated to all those who are looking for a functional and elegant writing instrument, enhanced by technical and stylistic features that make it a unique object of its kind. The pen is equipped with the famous hook safe lock and the double reservoir power filler which guarantees a long writing autonomy and protection from accidental ink leaks thanks to the two separate chambers.

The mixture of resin and lava dust from Mount Etna volcano makes the pen practically unbreakable and is treated in such a way as to guarantee a particularly pleasant writing sensation. Even the smallest components of the pen require utmost care and attention to detail. The barrel of the Homo Sapiens Dark Crystal is made of transparent smoked resin and is embossed with the name of the collection.

The cap features the iconic clip made in shiny black brass and the Visconti logo stands out against its bright ivory background. The logo on the cap echoes the dark color of the writing instrument but can be replaced and personalized with Visconti's - My Pen System. Each pen is made from small parts, up to 8 cm long, which are formed and aged before undergoing special processes done with custom made machines. All the metalwork and transparent components are polished by hand, while the resin and basaltic lava parts are processed to give a characteristic leather soft sensation to the touch.

The pen’s distinctive and contemporary elegance is enhanced by the dark barrel, reminiscent of volcano slopes, and other dark components such as the trimmings and 18kt gold nib in dark ruthenium plating.


  • Writing mode: Fountain pen
  • Material:  Lava
  • Cap type:  Hook safe lock 
  • Nib:  18kt gold ruthenium plated 
  • Filling system:  Double reservoir power filler
  • Trims:  Glossy black galvanize treatment
  • Length with cap posted:  17.40 cm
  • Length with cap closed:  14.42 cm
  • Weight:  55 gm


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VISCONTI guarantees its products in case of eventual flaws in material or workmanship, during a period of 2 years from the date of purchase, except for damages arising from improper use / maintenance and / or from normal wear.