Pelikan Classic M205 Moonstone Special Edition Fountain Pen

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Inspired by the gemstone Moonstone, this Pelikan Classic 205 Moonstone Special Edition series gives the mystic aura of the moonstone an outline and transforms the fascinating sparkle into a writing instrument. The magic grey color reminds of moonlight rays and is sparkling as soon as the writing instrument comes in touch with the daylight. A special material combination realizes this unique effect and creates more than one shade of grey.

The fountain pen is made of high quality resin fitted with differential piston mechanism and consists of a polished stainless steel nib.


  • Writing mode:  Fountain pen
  • Barrel material:  High quality resin
  • Cap material:  High quality resin
  • Cap type:  Screw-on
  • Nib:  Stainless steel 
  • Trims:  Chrome 
  • Filling system:  Piston
  • Length with cap posted:  15.0 cm
  • Length with cap closed:  12.5 cm
  • Diameter:  Ø 1.23 cm
  • Ink capacity:  ≈ 1.20 ml
  • Weight:  14.0 gm


What's In The Box

  • Pelikan Classic M205 Moonstone Special Edition Fountain Pen (1)
  • Papers from factory


PELIKAN warranty cover for material and production defects is 3 years from date of purchase for each Pelikan writing instrument. The warranty excludes normal wear and tear.